Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any product or account on SMURFTIME.COM the buyer must accept all the Terms & Conditions stated below :

Payment Gateway : We are using PayPal and Bitpay Payment gateways to accept payment from the customers on thewebsite. Any error subjected to payment process should be resolved with the payment provider. Your product is instantly delivered after the confirmation of payment.

Chargebacks : This is a payment for a virtual item on Steam. By purchasing a product through this website, the buyer agrees that they have received the item(s) that they paid for. The buyer agrees that this is a non-refundable transaction under any circumstances and will not chargeback at any time in the future. Physical shipment is not required and the buyer is content with the item(s) that he/she has received.

SMURFTIME.COM is a website that sells Counter Strike Global Offensive Smurf and Ranked Accounts. Buying and Selling of Steam Accounts is against Steam Subscriber Agreement. You acknowledge the full risk of purchasing a Steam Account. If Steam limits or in anyway disables your account SMURFTIME.COM will only replace or refund the account only if you are within the 7 day warranty period after the purchase. Outside of this 7 day period we will not refund or replace any accounts due to any kind of Steam Intervention. SMURFTIME.COM is in no way affiliated with Steam or Valve Corporation.